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Kendall County and Oswego Asset Protection and Estate Planning Attorneys

Montgomery asset protection lawyer for rental property owners

Lawyers for Property Owners and Rental Property Ownership in Aurora, Montgomery, Oswego, and Yorkville in Kendall County

Asset protection and estate planning are critical for property owners and rental property investors. As real estate attorneys, the most significant concerns for our clients who are property owners and landlords are estate planning and asset protection. On a weekly basis, we get phone calls from family members of deceased loved ones who lacked proper estate planning. The second biggest concern is a lack of asset protection for rental property investors. Most rental property owners with two or more properties have their rental properties placed in their personal name (or their spouse's name along with their name), which can expose them to liability.

Recessions bring lawsuits and change. In 2008, the founder of the parent company of Landlord Evictions, LLC worked with rental property owners that were former millionaires. These clients were former millionaires because they lost all their properties in the financial crisis. One lawsuit can threaten a lifetime of good decisions. We can help you prepare for the unexpected and protect against these types of losses.

Kendall County and Oswego Asset Protection Attorneys for Rental Property Owners and Landlords

Asset protection consists of financial planning for lawsuits. The purpose behind asset protection (otherwise known as "Wealth Preservation Planning") is to shelter one's rental properties and assets beyond the reach of creditors. Asset protection is for normal people who work hard to build up a rental property portfolio.

Rental property investments are an excellent way to build multiple streams of income. These streams of income are produced by different properties that have liability risks and concerns. CPAs or financial accountants are not qualified to assist with these matters. In most cases, real estate and estate planning attorneys are ill-equipped to devise an asset protection plan. Our lawyers have the necessary experience to handle these issues and ensure that our clients have the protection they need.

Our asset protection planning strategies are devised from working with rental property owners and business owners who have faced legal judgments. These issues can occur during recessions, and landlords and property owners will need to be prepared for a potential housing decline. However, these situations can also create opportunities for wealth creation activity for real estate investors and property owners. We can provide guidance on the best strategies to protect assets and preserve wealth, regardless of what may happen in the future.

LLC Attorneys in Oswego, Aurora, Montgomery, and Kendall County for Real Estate Investors and Rental Property Owners

A proper business structure utilizes Limited Liability Companies, otherwise known as "LLCs." Holding companies and subsidiaries may be utilized to maximize profitability and minimize liability concerns. Asset protection is a proper business expense. The trick is combining your estate planning and asset protection goals together to produce a good financial plan. Real estate legacy law is the combination of estate planning and asset protection goals coupled together to assist rental property owners and real estate investors.

Real Estate Attorneys for Rental Property Owners in Oswego, Yorkville, and Kendall County

At Landlord Evictions, LLC, our real estate attorneys are eager to assist rental property owners and landlords in the Oswego, Aurora, Montgomery, Plano, Boulder Hill, Bristol, and Yorkville areas of Kendall County. Our offices are in Yorkville and Kendall County, Illinois.

As real estate attorneys, we work with real estate investors and property owners with regard to flips, investment property purchases and sales, 1031 like-kind exchanges, and real estate evictions. Our real estate team has over 50 years of title and real estate experience. We have handled thousands of closings in a variety of different scenarios. Our real estate attorneys couple their real estate, estate planning, and asset protection experience to assist landlords, real estate property owners, and rental property investors.

Kendall County and Oswego Asset Protection Attorneys for Property Owners and Rental Property Investors

Whether you are purchasing or selling property or need a residential eviction attorney, Landlord Evictions, LLC is a full-service boutique law firm for rental property owners. The key difference in our boutique law firm is our laser focus on producing results for landlords and our comprehensive real estate knowledge and experience surrounding rental property ownership. Call us today at 630-864-5788 or send a message via our online contact form.

Landlord Evictions, LLC helps real estate investors and property owners in Aurora, Montgomery, Oswego, Yorkville, Bristol, Newark, Boulder Hill, and surrounding areas of Kendall County with the following legal concerns:

  • Forcible Entry and Detainer Actions, otherwise known as "Landlord Evictions for Kendall County and Oswego"
  • Real Estate Asset Protection and Minimization Strategies
  • Tax Planning for Real Estate Owners and Rental Property Investors
  • Real Estate Closings, including 1031s, Investment Real Estate (Single-Unit and Multi-Unit), Purchases and Sales, Flips, and Long-Term Investment Planning
  • Asset Protection and Wealth Preservation Planning, including the use of LLCs, Series LLCs, Land Trusts, and other strategies to minimize losses and maximize profitability
  • Business Formation and LLCs

We provide in-person, Zoom, and phone consultations on a complimentary basis at our Yorkville Office.

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