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Whether you are looking to purchase commercial real estate to start your own business, sell commercial property from your portfolio, or are looking to find an investment property, it is essential that you work with an attorney who understands commercial real estate law. At Gateville Law Firm, we look after all your commercial real estate needs in Yorkville, Kendall County, and surrounding areas. With over 15 years of real estate law experience, we provide our clients with high-quality representation in all facets of commercial real estate.

Many parties are involved in a commercial real estate purchase, including property owners, developers, buyers, and landlords, each with their own issues and needs from the transaction. It takes solid legal knowledge to ensure all legal matters are handled correctly, the transaction moves forward promptly, and all parties are satisfied. Any issues that arise can be addressed swiftly and appropriately to keep the transaction on track. When time matters and revenue is waiting, you can count on us.

Gateville Law Firm can also guide you on real estate strategy and asset protection. This includes completing asset purchase agreements and establishing holding or subsidiary companies for your real estate investment properties.

Joliet Attorney for Commercial and Real Estate Investment Closings

As a law firm that specializes in all matters of commercial real estate, we can offer our clients legal services throughout the purchase process. Whether you are looking to purchase or sell commercial property, we can help you address and resolve various issues, including existing tenant leases, allowed property uses, and any other restrictions on the property. We can help perform due diligence and participate in purchase contract negotiations. When the time comes to close on your property, we can ensure the process goes smoothly, and all legal requirements are met.

Sale of Commercial Property – Yorkville – For commercial property buyers or sellers in Yorkville, we have the experience to provide high-quality representation for your transaction.

Sale of Commercial Property – Kendall County – There are plenty of opportunities to buy or sell commercial property in fast-growing Kendall County.

1031 Exchange Attorney – A Section 1031 Exchange is an innovative new option allowing real estate investors to defer taxes and maximize investment dollars while acquiring real estate. We can advise you on how using a 1031 Exchange can be beneficial for your purchase.

Multi-Unit Building Real Estate – When investing in a multi-unit apartment building, condominium complex, or townhome development, we can assist you through the process

Vacant Property – Purchasing vacant property for new development or its investment potential can be full of legal challenges. Our law firm has the experience to overcome any obstacles and help you towards a successful purchase.

Grundy County Lawyer for Real Estate Strategy and Asset Protection

For those looking for comprehensive solutions for your real estate asset protection goals, Gateville Law Firm can provide the strategy and tools needed for a successful outlook. With experience in matters of estate planning, we can coordinate your estate planning and asset protection strategies, including for vacation and investment properties.

Asset Purchase Agreements – An asset purchase agreement defines the terms of a business transaction. They are especially useful when purchasing the property or assets of a company rather than the entire company itself. Our firm can prepare asset purchase agreements for clients in Yorkville and throughout Kendall County.

Holding Company Vs. Subsidiary Companies – We can advise real estate investors on whether a holding company or a subsidiary company would be the best structure for your real estate pursuits.

Trust an Oswego Commercial Real Estate Attorney

For all of your commercial real estate needs, Gateville Law Firm is ready to serve you. Whether it is for sales, investments, asset protection, or other matters, we offer our clients the tools and strategies they need to thrive. We proudly serve clients in Yorkville, Plano, Will County, Somonauk, Oswego, Joliet, Bristol, Aurora, Kendall County, Grandy County, DeKalb County, Sandwich, and Plainfield. Contact us today for a free consultation by calling 630-864-5788 or via email.

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